Douglas J. Spiel, M.D. , a Board Certified Radiologist, is a member of the World Institute of Pain, and was the first radiologist in the country to become a Diplomat of the American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians. For the past few years he has also served on it’s executive board. As a fellow of interventional pain practice (FIPP), he is credentialed to both teach and practice abroad. In addition, Dr. Spiel sits on the editorial board of Pain Physician, the world’s preeminent pain journal and personally reviews articles prior to publication.

Dr. Spiel specializes in Interventional Pain. His unique background in both radiology and Interventional Pain provides him with the expertise to pinpoint a myriad of pain generators and treat them accordingly .

Specializing in surgical and non-surgical treatment options of the spine and joints, Dr. Spiel is one of the world’s leaders in relieving pain. He treats patients with both spine and non-spine related pain – including disc herniations, pinched nerves, failed back surgery, CRPS, RSD and numerous other maladies. Over the last decade, advances in medical technology have enabled him to utilize lasers and endoscopes through key hole incisions to remove disc herniations and treat pinched nerves. Today, even fusion procedures can be performed through tiny incisions, minimizing structural damage while shortening rehabilitation time significantly.

With his background in radiology, Dr. Spiel utilizes cutting edge technologies including fluoroscopy (real time x ray) and ultrasound to precisely diagnose and treat specific pain generators. His ability to utilize different imaging modalities enables him to guide his hand through both bony and soft tissue land marks.

Patients who have had traumatic injuries, disc herniations, spinal surgeries or spinal disease may have seen a variety of medical specialists in search of pain relief. Unable to find long lasting relief, patients have then turned to Dr. Douglas Spiel and have found solutions for treating their pain.

Dr. Spiel’s unique clinical background has enabled him to view the practice of interventional pain through a broader perspective...

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