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What type of procedure is used for spinal stenosis?

Q: What type of procedure is used for spinal stenosis? Is there any procedure that would help a slippage between L4 and L5?

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Do you perform Epiduroscopy?

Epiduroscopy is a procedure performed through the sacral hiatus utilizing a flexible scope along with a laser. Although I have successfully performed these in the past, I feel that the level of visualization and ultimate efficacy is subpar when compared to endoscopic procedures performed through the neural foramina and interspinous space. These procedures utilize rigged

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Prescription For… Preventing Back Pain

Maintaining a healthy diet and weight will greatly reduce the risk of back injuries. Excess body weight can compress intervertbral discs and subject the spine to unnecessary stresses that will make every movement that much more of a burden. Eating a healthy diet, though, will not only help you maintain a healthy weight, but also

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Chronic neck pain and the right operation

Chronic neck pain may be secondary to facet-mediated disease and/or disc disease. Having underlying disc degeneration does not exclude either diagnosis. Possible treatments include epidural injections, medial branch blocks with or without radiofrequency ablation, and/or endoscopic discectomies. A thorough exam and film evaluation is the first step.

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Happy Holidays From Spiel MD

Growing up in the northeast, the holiday season was always ushered in by the chill of December. The frigid, blustery, wintry mornings are an unmistakable reminder that the year is drawing to a close. Malls are awash with music from troubadours of four generations as frenzied shoppers scurry from store to store in pursuit of

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