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70% of the population will suffer from neck pain at some point during their lifetime.
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Neck pain is one of the most commonly experienced forms of chronic pain in adults. As much as 70% of the population will suffer from neck pain at some point during their lifetime, to a degree in which it interferes with their lives. The causes of neck pain are wide ranging, but each if not properly addressed begin to interfere with many facets of everyday life.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Your neck is responsible for supporting the weight of your head, and allowing the range of motion used to experience the world. This weight along with the flexible nature of the neck leaves it exposed to injuries that restrict motion, as well as vulnerable to diseases and conditions. The most common causes of neck pain pain include;

Car Accidents 



Impact Injuries

Muscle Injury


Sports Injuries



Occupational and Work Injuries



Muscle Strains


Frequent Computer or Smartphone Use

Sleeping Positions


Nerve Compression

Herniated Disks

Bone Spurs


Worn Joints

Age Related Degradation of Cartilage

Joint Related Diseases Such As Osteoarthritis

Occupational and Work Injuries



Rheumatoid Arthritis




Dr. Spiel’s History with Treating Neck Pain

Dr. Douglas J. Spiel brings with him over 20 years of experience dedicated to treating a wide variety of neck issues. As a board certified radiologist, he is able to offer diagnostic services to identify the root cause of the neck pain, and offer the most effective treatment possible. His decades of experience with treating neck pain has earned him a reputation as a leading pain specialist in the New Jersey and New York metro areas.

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