Car accidents are an event that nobody can ever be truly prepared for. Thousands of people are injured in car accidents every year, and for many the road to recovery isn’t as simple as they had hoped. Navigating the confusing and unfamiliar process of finding care for your injuries should not be an additional burden. We understand the difficulty that many car accident victims in New Jersey have when it comes to finding a provider who is able to help them immediately. Spiel MD is happy to accept auto insurance to cover the cost of your care, to help ensure that nothing stands in the way of you and your treatment. When you are hurt as a result of a car accident, receiving high quality treatment immediately helps set your life back on the path to normalcy. The most common car accident injuries in New Jersey are whiplash, neck injuries, back pain, nerve pain and chronic pain.

Whiplash - 

Quite often seen as a result of car accidents, whiplash occurs when your body is thrust in motion much faster than it otherwise should be able to move. The resulting injuries affect soft tissue, ligaments and tendons, and generally do not in and of themselves result in broken bones. The after effects of whiplash can be long lasting, and hinder the sufferer from effectively contributing at home or at work and can be a painful hinderance on quality of life.

Back Pain - 

Car accidents can produce a great degree of force upon the body, and back pain is commonly reported as a result. Disc herniation, sprains and spinal stenosis are examples of the diagnoses that many back pain sufferers receive. Back pain can be a debilitating burden upon daily life, as sitting, standing or even laying down often provides little relief. Patients often report that they are unable to work, or partake in leisure activities as a result of their back pain.

Neck Injuries - 

The dynamics of neck injuries are very similar to those of back injuries. When an automobile stops suddenly the inertia causes the head and neck to thrust rapidly in one direction, leading to possible soft tissue and disk trauma. These injuries often result in pain that takes a victim away from their daily lives, and which require specialized treatment to manage.

Nerve Pain - 

Nerve pain can be caused by any of the accident injuries listed above, but also as a result of blunt force trauma to the body, or by deep lacerations. Numbness, prickling in the feet or hands, sensitivity to touch and a throbbing or burning pain can be signs that your automobile accident has resulted in nerve damage. Nerve pain can take a toll on a victim not only physically but emotionally as well. 

Chronic Pain - 

Often times injuries that were thought to have been addressed begin to appear later in the form of chronic pain. Joint pain represents an example of pain that can begin to appear as a result of a car accident, years after the accident occured. Cartilage tears, especially in the knees, can result in additional stress upon the joints which over time can contribute to arthritis. Regardless of how long ago your car accident occured, chronic pain should be addressed immediately.

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